Sharing knowledge is key to our mission to protect marine ecosystems. Here you can find various tips to conserve and protect coral reefs and other marine life. 


Eat no fish (or eat less fish).

The amount of fish (and other marine animals) we eat is not sustainable anymore. We eat more fish than the oceans can produce, more than 90% of the fish populations is overfishe... _Read on


Protection from the sun: use protective clothing

Although there is no general consensus amongst scientists, most sunscreens are suspected to harm coral reefs and other marine life. Harmful are not only the particles and/or che... _Read on


Reduce climate change

Climate change plays a major part in the destruction of coral reefs (see Threats to corals ). We believe and hope we can change the global heating and its effect on water temper... _Read on


Diving and snorkelling tips

Before you book a tour, ask the dive/snorkel operator whether he anchors on the reef. If he does, go somewhere else; If you don’t feel comfortable in the water, consider not go... _Read on


Stop using microplastics

Did you know that our clothing, cosmetics but even shampoo and toothpaste and many other products often contain microplastics? These small plastics can’t be filtered out very we... _Read on


Reduce plastic waste

Plastic is polluting the oceans and intoxicating marine life. This is one of the major environmental threats at the moment and the years to come. Separating our waste and offeri... _Read on