When I was about 7 years old I watched a movie from the legendary underwater movie maker and researcher Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The sheer beauty and excitement of the underwater world I found ravishing and exciting. The seed was planted which ultimately led to the founding of Coral Reef Care.

In my mid 20s I visited the Red Sea in Egypt as a tourist a few times. I quickly learnt that a coral reef is a very fragile and vulnerable ecosystem, easily affected by human activity. I saw a lot of destruction by growing tourism, construction sites on the beach, pollution, even graffiti on brain corals. After Coral Reef Care was founded in 2003, we started our first projects in Egypt to protect the pristine reefs it still has.

Coral reefs are much more than a pretty environment. They are the breeding grounds as well as the rainforests of the oceans. They have a staggering biodiversity that we haven’t even fully explored yet. Corals are essential for marine life but also for mankind. Our goal is to bring that message across, protect reefs and even create new ones with our coral farming projects.

World’s reefs face many threats these days. We believe we can change the deterioration of our marine environment. We can easily change our brand of sunscreen and eat less or no fish, we can reduce our (plastic) waste, we have influence on climate change and overpopulation, and we can do much more. I believe strongly that our individual behaviour matters. As Dante Alighieri (1265) wrote: ‘From a small spark may burst a flame’. If we want mankind in general to change its behaviour, we have to start with changing our individual behaviour. 

I hope our work gives you inspiration and motivation . We are here for the long term, and we hope you will support our goals!

Rolf Voorhuis


right: Rolf Voorhuis
left: Christian Vaterlaus from Marinecultures.org, our partner on Zanzibar.

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