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Coral Reef Care (CRC) is a Dutch foundation dedicated to the conservation and protection of marine ecosystems, with a special focus on coral reefs.

CRC initiates and organizes reef conservation projects and raises public awareness about the importance of coral reefs and the threats they face. Our main conservation efforts are centered on the creation of additional marine protected areas. While around 16% of the world’s land area is protected, less than 3% of the world’s oceans is seriously protected, even though water covers 70% of the Earth. Actively protecting a large marine area under the right circumstances enhances the ecosystem’s chances of recovery. These protected areas provide refuge, breeding grounds, and food, which positively affect surrounding areas. This phenomenon, known as the spill-over effect, occurs when mature marine life migrates out of the protected area, benefitting adjacent ecosystems.

We aim to enhance the livelihood of local communities that rely on coral reefs and believe that effective conservation projects are only possible when they involve and benefit the local community. By partnering with these communities and local non profit organizations, we create jobs in the conservation sector. These partnerships enable a range of activities such as restoring damaged reefs, reducing plastic waste, creating protected areas and protecting specific marine species. Healthier reefs lead to increased fish stocks and can boost tourism, providing alternative income sources for fishers.

The world’s fish stocks are struggling to meet the current demand due to population growth and unsustainable fishing practices. Most industrial fishing techniques harm marine habitats and bycatch is common. Many low-income coastal communities depend on fisheries for their food and income. However, if fishing isn’t essential to your livelihood, eating less fish or refraining from eating fish can help reduce pressure on marine ecosystems.

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  • Mangrove conservation

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    We are proud to announce our 2nd mangrove restoration project in Indonesia. This is our first project on mainland Lombok, in Cemare. The area is heavily polluted with garbage from ...

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  • Elasmobranch protection

    Elasmobranch protection image

    Education is key in conservation. With our partner Bahari Hai we set up an awareness program in Kenya to protect Elasmobrancch (sharks, rays and skates). Children, fishermen, gover...

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  • instruction videos

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    You can now watch our 7 Coral Reef Restoration instruction videos via our website. The videos explain all aspects of our restoration process, from finding suitable restoration area...

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Coral reefs are threatened and disappearing in vast numbers all over the world. 
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The end of coral reefs basically means the end of the most important marine ecosystem and all the marine life that depends on it. More than 25% of all marine species lives in and around coral reefs

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Our mission is the conservation and protection of world’s marine ecosystems. There are 2 pillars: creating public awareness and initiating and supporting local projects.

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In different ways, here are 3 of them:


Through social media and our website


Presentations on schools, to fishermen and local communities


Our coverage worldwide gives us a wide angle 

how you can help

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In 3 different ways:


We initiate and sponsor community-based conservation initiatives. We train our local partners in coral reef conservation and keep involved in the project as advisor and sponsor


We share our knowledge with colleagues working on similar projects, and we promote research 


We give the projects coverage in media and get the story out there 

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The conservation and protection of world's marine ecosystems is crucial for their survival but also essential for mankind as a whole. Without our help coral reefs can not survive.
Coral Reef Care is determined to help as long as it takes. 
So no quick win, we are here for the long run!