Plastic is polluting the oceans and intoxicating marine life. This is one of the major environmental threats at the moment and the years to come. Separating our waste and offering it to recycling companies is fundamental. But reducing our plastic waste and finding alternatives is crucial to prevent this environmental disaster that is already taking place. 

Some simple examples for easy adaptions in our daily lifes to reduce plastic waste:

  • bring your own cannisters to the grocery shop;
  • bring your own cup to the coffee-take-away;
  • where you least expect it, (micro-)plastics can be in the products you use on a daily basis e.g. many toothpastes, shampoos, shower gel, chewing gum. Simply look for an alternative or make the alternative yourself e.g. you can make your own toothpaste or tooth powder;
  • avoid all single-use plastics (plastic straws, bottles, grocery bags, cutlery/plates, drink stirrers, balloons, etc.). These plastics are often given to us automatically when we order food or drinks, unless you specifically say you don’t want it;
  • bring your own shopping bag (some countries have already abolished plastic bags);
  • in general, choose products that are not made of plastic, don’t contain (micro-)plastics and are not packed in plastic. More and more alternatives are available for plastic products and packaging. Just check the internet for the product you want and in most cases you find an environmentally friendly, plastic free alternative.

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