Do you want to support our projects and save our precious coral reefs? Make a donation to foundation Coral Reef Care (ANBI certified). 

Coral Reef Care, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Donation?Click hereYou determine the amount you want to donate for our projects!

Donate a juvenile coral

€ 12.-

What is a juvenile coral?

A juvenile coral is a small coral tree or coral colony we farmed in our coral farm. Once the juvenile coral has grown sufficiently, we transplant it.

€ 12.- More info

Donate a Reef Ball

€ 200.-

What is a Reef Ball?

Reef Balls are concrete balls made by us locally in a special mold (Courtesy of the Reef Ball Foundation). By transplanting corals on the Reef Balls, we create a new reef.

€ 200.- More info

Donate a buoy

€ 275.-

What is a buoy?

Buoys are floating devices we use for boats to moor (‘mooring buoys’) and to mark protected areas (‘marker buoys’). Mooring buoys prevent the boats from anchoring on the reef, marker buoys or demarcation buoys show the boundaries of an area that is protected from fishing and/or diving.

€ 275.- More info

Monthly donation

What does that mean?

Support our work by donating periodically. Please fill in the donation amount you wish to make on a monthly basis. A minimum donation of € 10 is recommended but any amount is highly appreciated!

€ 10.- More info



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