On Zanzibar awareness campaigns by us and by other NGOs in the past have led to the understanding with a great part of the fishermen that leaving an area on the reef unfished for a while, marine life will recover and fish stocks will increase. This applies not only to the protected area but has an impact on the rest of the environment too. These ‘No Take Zones’ can be enforced for a long period of time or for a couple of months, depending what we want to protect and what the stakeholders accept.

Installing a Marine Protected Area with no fishing and limited tourism on some locations would be ideal of course. This is the ultimate goal and our dream we work on for the long term. However, for now we have to take into account that tourism generates important extra income for the local people. Having a No Take Zone means less income from fishing and therefore more dependence on tourism. That is why in most cases we choose for controlled tourism in the No Take Zone. To control this we install mooring buoys for dive/snorkel vessels, and organize awareness campaigns.

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