In October 2019 we started the first coral farm in Kenya in Kinuni, near the village of Vipingo. We teamed up with Oceans Alive Kenya to conserve the Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA). In the LMMA 30 hectares is a non fishing or No Take Zone in which we set up a coral farm with 20 tables.

With our 10-years experience in Jambiani (Zanzibar) in coral farming and coral reforestation, we could support and train the community efficiently to restore and conserve the reefs in and outside the LMMA. In 2021 the first juvenile corals have been out-planted on artificial structures. Since then, the reef is teeming with life, and corals and marine life are thriving.

The Kinuni Reef has fully recovered last year. Therefore, Coral Reef Care has discontinued the collaboration in 2023. However, we expect opportunities in the near future to restore more reefs in the Kuruwitu area. Whilst awaiting permissions, we stay in contact with the local team and give technical support.

Interesting detail: the big difference with our operation on Zanzibar is that we made the coral farm in shallow waters so we can do the farming snorkeling instead of diving. It makes the operation less expensive, and more accessible to the public for awareness.

See for a more detailed description of this project: Coral reforestation procedure CRC, July 2020

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