Why would we get involved in mangrove forest conservation? Mangroves are important nursery grounds for many juvenile reef fish. The complex root system of the trees provide ideal refuge. Mangroves also trap sediment and pollutants that would otherwise flow into the sensitive coral reefs. It is proven that coral reefs are healthier with a well-functioning mangrove forest nearby.


Logging, urbanization, shrimp farming, pollution and climate change are threatening mangrove ecosystems worldwide. Our 2nd mangrove restoration project was launched in April 2024 in Cemare, Indonesia. Our first project on mainland Lombok. The area around Cemare is heavily polluted with garbage from local households, which impedes mangrove seedlings to settle. Illegal logging and shrimp farming in the past created open areas in the forest. Together with our partner Indonesia Biru (=blue) Foundation, we are setting up a comprehensive waste management system, organize cleanups and awareness events and will reforest parts of the forest, such as an old shrimp farm. Weekly, about 1.000 tourists visit the beaches nearby. This gives us the opportunity to educate them on the subject, on pollution and on the importance of marine ecosystems. Schools will be visited and the children will be involved in out-planting mangrove seedlings we farm. 4-5 fulltime indigenous conservation leaders are hired for this project.


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