1m2 Artificial Reef

Coral reefs have diverse and rigid coral structures. That is why we maintain a high diversity of the artificial structures we make and we vary the layouts of our new reefs. Our structures consist of concrete and steel, per element we have different sizes. After deployment of the structures we transplant corals on them. Either from the coral farm or we use ‘corals of opportunity’ (corals broken off naturally eg by storms).

If you like to know more about our approach, see the article ‘The efficiency of artificial reefs and the best parameters for their success

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the process 

creating artificial structures

With the local communicty we produce concrete cubicles and steel spiders

local jobs

Thus creating local conservation jobs


We bring the structures to the dedicated areas and drop them from the boat, guided by divers


According to a predetermined layout the structures are situated on the site. Per site we have a different layout


On the structures we transplant corals from a coral farm or from corals we find in the area ('Corals of Opportunity'). Natural coral settlements, sponges, fish, invertebrates, etc. start housing on and in our structures within weeks after deployment



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