In January 2023 extreme weather in Bali (Indonesia) dislocated parts of our artificial reefs in Jemeluk and Lipah. The other projects in Bali, situated in deeper waters, were not affected. The research and live testing we did the year prior to the deployment have proven not to be sufficient. Therefore, we started a research program with the collaboration of the University of Delft. Hydraulic engineering combined with our 25 years’ experience can accomplish our goals for the future: design a scalable, sustainable artificial reef system for remote areas that can be produced locally with locally available materials and logistics. Our research will be open source, for conservationists and governments around the world to use.

The 1st research on this mission is a bachelor thesis of Sytze Veenland: stability of artificial reefs in stormy weather conditions . The assignment was to determine under which conditions our Cube system is stable in the Amed area in Bali. 

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