In 2022 we started a coral conservation project in Bondalem (Bali). In collaboration with the local Pokmaswas Pantai desa Bondalem, we build approx. 120 m2 artificial reefs on damaged reef areas. 

In Bondalem there are several damaged reef areas consisting mostly of dead coral rubble. Anchoring on the reef by fishermen and divers is suspected to be the cause of the damage. The reef is now a protected area and these problems seem to lay in the past.

The coral rubble is slowly being taken over by algae, which makes a natural recovery of the coral reef difficult. By deploying artificial structures on which coral fragments are transplanted, the reefs are now restored. 

Like in Amed we deployed a ‘coral village’. A coral village has a lot of variation in structures and dimensions in order to mimic the reef and maximize the refuge area for different fauna. We did research on the parameters for the success rate of artificial reefs and follow these guidelines in the design of the new reefs. For training purposes we made a series of videos on best practices for coral restoration.

Mid 2023 the project was finished. The Pokmaswas Pantai Bondalem maintains the artificial reef and does regular checking and cleaning sessions. 

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