In August 2023, in collaboration with Thresher Shark Indonesia, we started a project to restore mangrove forests across three coastal villages in Alor (Indonesia). In the first year we aim to plant 6000 mangrove seedlings. We want to ignite awareness among coastal communities through outreach campaigns and hands-on mangrove restoration initiatives, creating green livelihoods and empowering individuals to lead marine conservation in Alor.

Mangrove forests are important terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. They are nursery grounds for a lot of coral reef inhabitants. Mangroves sequester high amounts of carbon in biomass and soil. They protect coastlines from erosion and storms. So, by protecting and restoring them, there is a lot to win.

Mangroves are under pressure. Logging, construction, shrimp farms and climate change are just a few of the threats. This project is a critical mission for Coral Reef Care and Thresher Shark Indonesia to build a sustainable and climate-resilient future through indigenous leadership in Alor.

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