This website is powered by Jekyll and is hosted and managed by CloudCannon. CloudCannon (like any hosting company) can have full insight in visitor data, like connecting IP addresses, visited pages, etc. Note that CloudCannon is not known to actively profile visitors. By using a VPN you can (try to) prevent this.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to monitor its visitors. This happens only if you approve third party cookies and scripts.

Conversion scripts

On the success page of the forms (page after submitting a form) a Google and Facebook script is placed. This script notifies these parties about the conversion. If you are uncomfortable with this please do not use the forms and send us your request by email. These scripts are not blocked by our cookie consent banner.


All forms on this website are handled by FormBucket. FormBucket has a server that stores all entries and mails their contents to us. If you are uncomfortable with using this third party service, please do not fill out forms on this website, but send us an email.

Email communication

If and when we send you personal emails, these emails are stored on our computers. These emails are stored as long as we think they are useful to us.

Request for removal

If you want your personal data removed from our systems, you can send us a removal request.

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