Awareness campaigns

Through media and campaigns Coral Reef Care has created public awareness for marine issues and tries to initiate change. Everyone can make a contribution in his or her own way to stop the deterioration of our oceans. Being environmentally aware as a consumer and being careful as a tourist will contribute to the improvement of our environment.
We strongly believe eating less fish is an important step the Western world should take. Overfishing is one of the biggest threats to the oceans and therefore a focus of the foundation. Not forgetting the human factor of course, in less developed countries the local population depends stongly on fisheries. It is our aim to provide for healthy fish resources for people who depend on them.

Sinaï (Egypt)

Coral Reef Care has supported projects in Dahab (Egypt-Sinaï) where signboards are placed at all diving-, snorkel- and swimming sites. These signs indicate an ’easy entry’ and the ’do’s and don’ts’ of diving. Tourists often walk over the reef flat in shallow areas to reach the deep water. At some sites this distance can be up to 70 meters. By pointing out easy entry’s kilometres of reef can be saved.


The Galapagoses are one of the most fragile marine ecosystems in the world. With unmatched biological diversity, and a staggering amount of endemics (species only found there). The archipelago and the waters surrounding them are a nature reserve. Unfortunately the park rangers do not have enough capacity to stop poachers from illegally fishing for tuna, sharks and sea cucumbers. CRC works together with the Park rangers to stop poaching. Check also (Galapagos).

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The Indian Ocean plays a central part to the quality of life in Zanzibar and Pemba (East Africa). People largely depend on the fish stocks and the gradually growing tourism on the islands. To secure these resources and to protect the pristine reefs, Coral Reef Care has launched several projects with local partner Marine Cultures. Installing mooring buoys, creating artificial reefs, awareness campaigns, creating No Take Zones (= no fishing zones) are just a few of the many projects we work on. Coral Reef Care gives you the chance to help directly and adopt a coral tree (€25 per tree) or adopt a reef ball (€ 175). This way you can support our work actively and we will tag and photograph your trees and reef ball for you. Send your choice and name via CONTACT and wire the corresponding donation on our bank account (see DONATION).

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