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About us


Coral Reef Care (CRC) is a Dutch foundation that’s mission is the conservation and protection of world’s marine ecosystems.

Our approach

The coral reef is the core of one of the most fragile ecosystems and thus has our special interest. We also support projects that focus on the protection of specific animal species. CRC is an organisation that is run by volunteers and has its base in the Netherlands.

The coral reef is part of an ecosystem of which a great variation of animals are dependent on. Although reefs cover only 3% of the world’s oceans more than 25% of all species depend on them for food and shelter. The reefs influence reaches further than the sea directly around it. Large sea turtles, tuna, sharks ands dolphins are directly depending on the reef as a source of food or a shelter for their young. 

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Sign the petition to protect sharks!

Stop Shark Finning

Sign: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/532/581/725

Sharks are endangered all over the world due to the consumption of shark fins. 60% of all sharks are threatened in their existance. Only the shark fins are used, the carcasses are dumped mostly alive. Sign the petition to help stop this inefficient practice

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