Climate change plays a major part in the destruction of coral reefs (see Threats to coral ). We believe and hope we can change the global heating and its effect on water temperatures and currents. But we have to act fast. 

It all starts of course with our personal behaviour and we as individuals know often quite well what actions are required. We mention a few nevertheless:

  • eat less meat (especially beef has a high carbon footprint), eat less fish or even better: become a vegetarian or vegan;
  • planes have a high carbon footprint and flying would be much more expensive if airplane companies would pay regular fuel prices (and unaffordable if we would add eco-tax). Do we really have to travel the world? So let’s fly less, trains can bring you to great places too;
  • avoid using your car but go on a bike (much healthier!) or use public transport;
  • if you need a car, drive electric;
  • start carpooling;
  • choose green energy;
  • check in your household what changes you can make to use less energy;
  • support environmental organizations and green political parties;
  • So let’s make these changes but also talk about overpopulation. Our planet, our oceans, can not cope with the pressure we humans put on it at the moment. Growing numbers of people will have growing greenhouse effect.

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