- Kenya -

The awareness kits of our shark & ray conservation project are ready for distribution! This project is focused on South and Mid Kenya and carried out with Cordio in Mombasa. To our current target groups, i.e. school kids and fishermen, we explain the importance of these magnificent species, their crucial role in the ecosystem, threats to their existence, and the solutions to protect them.ps Papa is Swahili for shark.

Coral Reef Care has 3 projects in Kenya at the moment and is advising 2 groups on new reef restoration initiatives. One of the projects with our partner Bahari Hai, a fish net exchange program in Mida Creek (Watamu), fits perfectly with the shark & ray conservation program. By using different fishing nets and hooks, we prevent the by-catch of sharks, rays, dolphins, turtles and juvenile fish.



The projects in Bali are going speed forward in 2022. Rolf arrived last February to train our partners on the current 4 projects and to initiate 2 new ones. In less than a year we succeeded with our local partners to protect more than 25 hectares marine area i.e. no fishing allowed, we deployed 5 artificial reefs of 120m2 each and will do 8-10 more in 2022, we set up an efficient coral farm and we started stabilizing coral rubble on 1000m2 slopes to prevent avalanches on deeper reefs.We work with the local community, often fishermen, thus creating local jobs. And the best part is that the fishermen themselves approved of the protection, expecting a spill over effect, more tourism and of course because of Karma!

-Awareness campaigns Indonesia- 

Synchronously with our reef restoration projects we started several awareness campaigns on primary schools in the area of Jemeluk, Lipah and soon Bukti and Pemuteran. In each location 4 playful workshops are organized to explain what our reef conservation projects entail and we strongly focus on plastic pollution. River beds are used as land fills, thus flushing the waste in the ocean with the next rains.We also started big clean-ups with the local community as part of this campaign. We teamed up with MudFishNoPlastic, specialists with whom we worked before. Pollution cannot be overlooked while working in marine conservation in the region, so it has become an integrated part of our program.

-Teaching the world-

Since more and more conservation projects are launched we decided to make instruction videos. All aspects of reef conservation are discussed in lively, self-made videos. These will serve for the teams we are training now and new teams in the future. But the videos also serve well for autonomous learning.It was unexpectedly a lot of work and resulted in 8 videos of 10-20 minutes so far. If they are all edited and checked in May, they will be published on our website and YouTube. 

With special thanks to our partners:

Bahari Hai     Cordio East Africa     MudfishNoPlastic     Oceans Alive Kenya  Perkumpulan Pemandu Penyelam Amed      Pokmas Satya Bahari Desa Bukti    Sahabat Alam Pemuteran

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