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Coral Reef Care (CRC) is a Dutch foundation that’s mission is the conservation and protection of world’s marine ecosystems.

The coral reef is the core of one of the most fragile ecosystems and thus has our special interest. We also support projects that focus on the protection of specific animal species. CRC is an organisation that is run by volunteers and has its base in the Netherlands.

The coral reef is part of an ecosystem of which a great variation of animals is dependent on. Although reefs cover only 3% of the world’s oceans more than 25% of all species depend on them for food and shelter. The reef’s influence reaches further than the sea directly around it. Large sea turtles, tuna, sharks ands dolphins are directly depending on the reef as a source of food or a shelter for their young.

The coral reef also plays an important role in the protection of the coastline against erosion and in the development of medicines. World’s poorest fishing communities depend on fishing in or near coral reefs. So besides the beauty of the coral, the reef plays an important role for both humans and animals.

Nowadays the worldwide threat to coral reefs is so serious, that unless quick action is taken less than 70% will remain in 30 years time.

The most important threats to the reef are caused by:
  • destructive fishing methods (trawling, blast fishing, poisoning)
  • mass tourism
  • pollution
  • climate change
  • sedimentation

CRC is active in the fight against destruction of marine ecosystems by creating public awareness and by supporting small scale local conservation projects. Our work consists of creating artificial reefs, removing lost fishing nets on coral reefs, awareness campaigns, protection of existing and creation of new wildlife reserves, protection of specific marine species, etc. All projects are community-based. We believe that without benefitting and involving the local community, efficient projects are not feasible. Our projects create jobs locally, increase fish populations which helps the fishing community and bring economic and health change.

Coral Reef Care’s mission is to help set up more MPAs (Marine Protected Areas). We strongly believe by creating more MPAs, sea life might still have a chance for survival. By actively protecting a large area under the right circumstances, an ecosystem can recover. This will also have positive effects on the surrounding areas where sea life might profit and flourish again. The search for investors, collaboration with other NGO’s, lobbies and the search for adequate areas are many of the tasks we have set us. 70% of the World is covered with water. Around 12% of the world’s land area is protected. By contrast, less than 1% of the world’s oceans is protected.

One species that has our special attention are sharks. From 2004 till 2011 we have been campaigning for international protection of sharks. Worldwide sharks are seriously threatened by overfishing and mainly because they are being finned for shark fin soup. Many countries have changed their laws in the meantime but legislation is not sufficient yet. At this moment we don’t have an active international campaign but shark conservation has a continuous focus in the areas we work.

Many economically and ecologically important fish populations are deteriorating. The protection of these fish against destructive fishing techniques and over-fishing is therefore a special concern of CRC.

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